Here’s how Cargill attempted to Limca Book of Records

Cargill Business Services, a unit of Cargill India attempted to enter the prestigious Limca Book of Records today by making 27,707 paper bags in a record time of 40 minutes

Cargill Business Services, a unit of Cargill India attempted to enter the prestigious Limca Book of Records today by making 27,707 paper bags in a record time of 40 minutes. The attempt was part of the company’s efforts towards reducing environment impact keeping in mind the rising concern towards use of plastic. Through its partnership with United Way of Bengaluru, the bags made from used paper will be distributed to street vendors in the city.

As part of its commitment to sustainability and community engagement, the company also launched the India edition of its Corporate Responsibility & Sustainable Development Report 2017-18. In India over the last five years, Cargill’s targeted corporate responsibility initiatives under three focus areas namely, nourishing our world, protecting our planet and enriching our communities have impacted 3.2 million lives.

Cargill’s purpose is to be a leader in nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. As part of the commitment towards sustainable environment initiatives, over 1,000 employees of Cargill Business Services made these paper bags from old newspaper and magazines donated by employees with the objective of reducing use of plastic bags in the region. United Way of Bengaluru, a non-profit organisation that seeks to engage with and empower local communities has partnered with Cargill on this initiative and will be distributing the paper bags created today to over 2,000 street vendors in key market places in Bengaluru.

Opening the event, Lalitha Indrakanti, Managing Director and Center Leader, Cargill Business Services said, “By taking this challenge upon ourselves to make a record number of paper bags, we aim to raise awareness about environment. Reducing use of plastic bags in our daily lives and by distributing the paper bags made today to local vendors we want to encourage a positive shift to using recycled paper instead of plastic wherever possible. At Cargill, we are committed to such initiatives that help in having a greater impact on the community we live and work in.”

Speaking on the occasion, Manish Michael, CEO, United Way of Bengaluru said, “Plastic pollution has a serious impact on environment. This is a great initiative taken by Cargill which is the need of the hour that will help in spreading awareness towards more eco-friendly replacements. We are glad to reach out to 2,000 street vendors for this initiative and help inculcate use of bags made from used paper for themselves and their customers as part of this initiative”.

Cargill has been working consistently on environment led initiatives. Cargill employees in Bengaluru participated in creating Miyawaki forest, a technique which is known to grow saplings 10 times faster than the usual plantation method. Employees planted over 50 native plant species including jackfruit, mango, neem among others. In another initiative, over 100 Cargill Business Services employees along with NGO Say Trees, participated in creating seed balls also known as ‘earth balls’ to contribute towards afforestation drive. These seed ball consists of variety of different seeds rolled within a ball of clay and then planted in the soil for better germination.

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