Bharti Foundation to support Govt schools in Jharkhand

 The public-private-partnership initiative aims to enhance the overall schooling experience of more than 24,000 students and 500 teachers in the state

Bharti Foundation, the CSR (corporate social responsibility) arm of Bharti Enterprises, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Education Project Council, Government of Jharkhand. As per the MoU, Bharti Foundation will support government initiatives in 150 schools, enhancing the overall schooling experience of more than 24,000 students and 500 teachers in the districts of Pakur, Godda, Dumka and Deoghar in the state..

The public–private-partnership (PPP) initiative is being rolled under the Satya Bharti Quality Support Program of Bharti Foundation, which is already benefitting close to 200,000 students and 7,000 teachers across 12 states.

The Satya Bharti Quality Support Program is an education initiative undertaken in partnership with government schools. Through this programme, Bharti Foundation engages with the school leadership, teachers, students and communities to enhance their schooling experience and support them in their efforts to strive for excellence. The programme focuses on identifying and integrating best practices from Satya Bharti Schools with the intent of encouraging innovation, participation, ownership and facilitating sustainable change.

The Foundation has been working in Jharkhand through its Satya Bharti Learning Centre Program since 2014-15. Under the programme, the Foundation has mainstreamed more than 8,000 children in 320 schools, which enabled the Government of Jharkhand to declare six (6) blocks free from Out-of-school children.

Vijay Chadda, CEO, Bharti Foundation said, “Under the Satya Bharti Quality Support Program, we aim to work with school leaders to enhance the overall schooling experience of all stakeholders in these government schools. Our holistic development approach and school improvement plan involves working in close coordination with educationists and officials in the Education Department of Jharkhand, and we look forward to working with them towards strengthening the existing education initiatives.”

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